10 Creative Ways to Use Tea Towels

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Tea towels are a staple in most kitchens and available in so many fun designs. They are a unique gift that can match the recipient's personality. But...a stack of clean tea towels can do so much more than just dry dishes.  A flour sack towel is more than just a pretty accent; this practical and versatile piece can pull its weight around the kitchen and beyond.

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  1. Use them to keep rolls hot. To serve warm bread, I line my breadbasket with a tea towel and cover the bread to keep it from cooling.
  2. Use them in your guest bathroom.  With fun graphics and witty sayings, tea towels are a great way to make your guests smile as they dry their hands.
  3. Wrap one around the slow cooker lid. This helps absorb condensation and prevent drips (and help prevent soggy chicken skin!)
  4. Use as placemats and napkins. Tea towels are the perfect size for a placemat. Mix and match colors and designs to bring new life to your table. Use them as generously sized napkins, as well. 
  5. Use to cushion and protect your work surface. A towel tucked under your mixer will help prevent it from dancing across the counter. Cover your counter with a towel or two when canning those summer vegetables. Besides making for easy cleanup, it can help stop those hot jars from sliding around.
  6. Strain those foods. The tight weave in a tea towel is perfect for straining your yogurt, stock and homemade cheese.
  7. Decorate your space. Use a spring-tension rod and clip-on rings to create cafe curtains in just a few minutes or sew some up into fun pillows. 
  8. Use in your storage areas. Line the crisper drawer to absorb moisture from washing your vegetables, line your cabinet shelves to make cleaning easier, or lay between fragile china to prevent chipping.
  9. Use as gift wrapping. One of my favorite uses is to wrap gifts. A great pairing for gifted soaps, kitchen tools, or a bottle of wine, the towel becomes part of the present. Check out Sea Salt and Sailor Stripes blog for some great ideas.
  10. Use on the go. Take your old tea towels in the car. Use as a makeshift bib, a napkin for lunch on the go, and to mop up messes that inevitably happen.

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