Our Story

One bright, sunny day, Cyn was out on her daily run around the neighborhood, lost in thought with ideas, as usual. She was, in fact, thinking of a hilarious event at work and the one-liner that made everyone chuckle, when it hit her, "Surely I don't just crack myself up … Why don't I put some of my silly one-liners on some t-shirts? Better yet, why don't I put it on other things, too?" And just like that, in almost a blink of an eye, Running Frog Studios was born. Hopping between printer and Photoshop, she can be heard giggling over her new ideas and finished pieces, pleased as punch that some lucky customer is ordering something that is uniquely "them." 

The tools of the trade are machine embroidery, heat transfer vinyl (HTV), commercial heat press, sublimation, and whatever kooky idea Cyn's brain cooks up. While it all might start there, the end result is all about you and your creative, individual, delightful self that makes the products we make all the more awesome.  

When Cyn isn't creating, she's busy living and loving life with her husband, planning trips to see the grandbabies, and training for marathons.